I can't do pole I have no strength!

You won't believe how many times I hear these comments...

'I have no strength, no flexibility, I'm too big, I'm too old...'.

The truth is, you really DO NOT need any experience or strength, or anything for that matter! Joining a beginners class means that you will be taught everything you need to know from a completely low beginner level. Plus, nobody is EVER too old or too big, Pole can be for anybody!!

Like when I joined, I had zero experience. I had quite an active job but I didn't go to the gym, and I certainly had NO flexibility at all. Could not even touch my toes! I was shy, no confidence, but I knew I wanted to do this! So I pushed through.

Each week you will improve, whether it be a tiny improvement or a massive one, you will improve. Things will get a tiny bit easier every session, and you will start to build the right muscles and strength. Flexibility is all part of it, and will be incorporated into classes, you will also be given stretches to do at home to assist with your flexibility!

I have had ladies join my classes who are in their 50's, when they started they felt super nervous and scared but as soon as they got into it, they said it was the best feeling and they loved it! You have to try and push past the fear and know that it will be FUN!!

Some people get emotional in their first lesson, which is also completely normal. Tears are good, it helps to release tension and clear the mind. Tears can be from frustration, embarrassment or fear, but they can also be from happiness and excitement. Either way, please don't worry and just let it out!! :)

You have to remember that whoever's class you are in, was once in your situation and started from the bottom. Use it as motivation to climb to the top and enjoy every second!! xx

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