Where I started...

I remember the text I got from my friend like it was yesterday saying, ' there is a pole dance class in Letchworth, shall we go? '.

I didn't even have to think about it, I just said YES! However, I was extremely nervous on the day and when I got to the class, so I was a bit of a shaking wreck, but I pushed through my nerves and got on with it.

Let me tell you, my first lesson was awful, lol!! I ended up crying because I found it so difficult, but instead of feeling defeated, I used it as motivation to improve every week.

I attended every week and have never looked back.

It took me a while to pick it up, I was a slow learner, but seeing how amazing all the other girls were really made me try hard. I decided to attend more than one class a week to really smash it!

I have been doing pole now for about 8 years! It was the best decision I made. I will insert some photos! :)

My first ' Pole Sit '

My first 'elbow hold' move. Look how many tattoos I don't have....

My first 'butterfly'. Again, minimal tattoos! ha ha.

My first 'extended butterfly'. I remember feeling so unstable in this move and was like ' hurry up and take the photo!'.


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